We Believe

We believe that good design should be simple, beautiful, and functional. We bring that philosophy into every website we build, every business card we design, and every piece of marketing material that we create.

We Are Committed

We are committed to clear communication with our clients. We are committed to proper planning and meeting deadlines. We are committed to staying within our project estimates. We are committed to 100% client satisfaction.

Our No Whining Policy

  • If we do the work and you are happy with it, then you pay us on time and we won’t whine.

  • If we do the work and you are unhappy with it, then you don’t have to pay us and we won’t whine.

  • If you don’t pay us for the work you didn’t like, then you don’t get any rights to said work. You also don’t get the right to whine.

Our Team


David Capotosto // President, Consultant and Designer

David Capotosto is an entrepreneur and experienced business executive. He has had 30 years of active involvement with start-up, growing, and mature businesses. His experience in design, engineering, manufacturing and operations is wide and deep. David brings his wealth of business acumen to our team, as well as his engineer’s eye for excellent design. He believes that good branding should always support a company’s clear mission.


Paulina De Castro // Online Media, Brand and Color Specialist

With 19+ years of experience building websites and managing online media, Paulina brings a passion for beautiful as well as functional design to every project she does. “Whether I am hired to build a website or design a brochure or menu, my goal is to create something that is perfect for my client’s needs and the needs of their audience. ” Paulina is also a Certified Professional Color Analyst, and brings to her work a knowledge of the way color and psychology influences design and branding.


Sam Cap // Programmer and Technical Consultant

Sam is a professional programmer and technical consultant. He has a Bachelors of Computer Science from the University of Southern Maine, as well as many years developing modern websites, working on enterprise-scale databases, creating Virtual Reality 3D video games, and many other projects. He believes the simplest design is often the best, and brings this philosophy into both his work and his life.